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Starting 2024: New Year New Achievements

Starting 2024: New Year New Achievements

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Hu Bowen
Hu Bowen

2023 was a year for many firsts. I attempted my first pwn challenge, I wrote my first CTF challenge (with @Kairos-T), and attended my first “prize” giving ceremony for completing up to Level 6 in TISC 2023. Though these accomplishments are nowhere near amazing, it feels nice to see a bit of progress.

I’d like to jot down some goals that I plan to achieve by the end of this year, and revisit it to see what I’ve done so far. Though the new years is over, it still isn’t the lunar new year yet, so this technically counts as a new years resolution 😃


  • Attend DSTA Brainhack 2024 Finals
  • Earn some money through bug bounty
  • Head to Japan with friends

I’ll (hopefully) come back in the future to periodically update these goals and their statuses.

Updates… I Guess?

I’ll dump some of my achievements in this section and how it brings me closer towards my goals. Hopefully it’ll turn out well.

(Speaking from experience, it usually doesn’t)

14 & 15 Jan - Attended UofTCTF

Attended the UofTCTF held by the University of Toronto. Only managed to finish the beginner level challenges. The solutions were rather trivial, the hard part was locating the vulnerability to exploit (due to a lack of experience 💀).

UofTCTF rating


  • Contributed 1053 out of 1897 points to the team, achieved an overall 201st place 🗿
  • Mainly learnt new pwn concepts and finally attempted a rev challenge 🥳